What are the characteristics of retro American style decorative paintings

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Nowadays, most people like American style, such as American coffee, American architecture, American murals and so on. Accordingly, there are also living room decorative paintings. As the name implies, they are American living room decorative paintings. The style of American products mostly reflects Americans'desire for material, so American products are mostly comfortable and wanton, satisfying the pursuit of contemporary life. Here, I would like to introduce to you two types of American living room decorative paintings: pastoral style and industrial style.

I. Pastoral Style

Pastoral style is not only deeply loved by the Chinese people, but also by the Americans. Therefore, in the American style of living room decorative painting, there are many works of pastoral style, but they are quite different from China. The American style pastoral style decorative painting has strong color and strong contrast. It uses the intense collision of colors to reflect people's inner pursuit. Most of the American style of living room decorative painting is ink painting. The living room is very suitable for pastoral decoration paintings if there are children in the house. This idyllic living room decoration is very popular with people who are quiet, elegant and indifferent to fame and wealth. It depicts some beautiful scenery in the world with a brush, so that you can see the scenery outside at home. It also creates a warm and indifferent atmosphere for the family.

II. Industrial Style

Contrary to the pastoral style, the industrial style mainly depicts some industrial products reflecting the current American society, and then draws the industrialized American society on the drawings with some special techniques. Industrial style decoration painting lines are delicate, content is representative, in line with the pursuit of capitalist countries, now the pace of urban life is fast, competitive pressure, most young families living room decoration painting will choose industrial style. Industrial style is very fashionable, very suitable for the young people who are fighting now, suitable for the global so young mindset, fighting spirit.

The choice of the American style of living room decoration painting lies in its own love, quiet and elegant, indifferent to fame and fortune can choose pastoral style; and the industrial style is the best choice for the aggressive and ambitious dreamers.

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